The European Mantle Workshop (EMAW) becomes the Earth Mantle Workshop (EMAW). It aims at providing a framework for discussing the state-of-the-art understanding of the constitution and evolution of the Earth’s mantle.


The main themes will be approached from theoretical, experimental, analytical, and/or numerical standpoints.

Scientific Commitee

Massimo Coltorti (Ferrara University, Italy)
Michel Grégoire (CNRS Toulouse, France)
Theodoros Ntaflos (Wien University, Austria)
Olivier Alard (Macquarie University, Australia and CNRS Montpellier, France)
Jacek Puziewicz (Wroclaw University, Poland)
Alan Woodland (Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany)

Organising Committee - GET

Carine Baritaud
Mathieu Benoit
Julien Berger
Anastassia Borisova
Georges Ceuleneer
AnneMarie Cousin
Stéphanie Cuven
Stéphanie Duchene
Vincent Fournier
Michel Grégoire
Mary-Alix Kaczmarek
Laurence Marlats
Olivier Vanderhaeghe

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